We grant wishes... What's your superpower?

Who Are We?

"This project is dedicated to the many survivors, and sadly to the ones we’ve lost to cancer. It’s hard enough planning a budget-conscious wedding without the additional struggles of medical hurdles and bills. We just want to help where we can."

Wedding Wish is a Nonprofit Organization that grants weddings to deserving couples who suffer from life-altering health circumstances. We partner with local wedding industry professionals with a vision to give couples and their loved ones a day away from serious illness.

Meet Leia Perez

We were lucky to catch up with Leia Perez recently and have shared our conversation below.

After Orlando Brunchfest, we were able to generate some profits, which played a pivotal role in sustaining our Wedding Wish initiative during these challenging times. However, the impact extended beyond just financial support. Inspired by the success of ourcommunity events, we realized the tremendous potential in bringing people together to share knowledge, promote well-being, and build connections.